Want to get inspired, freshen up your view of the world, discover a new perspective, surprise yourself, work with your hands, use your eyes to play, and look beyond your nose?

Art and culture will be your guide in the beautiful city of Barcelona. With visual artist Karlijn Surminski by your side you will find out that new perspectives can be discovered by simply looking differently. You just need to know how.

Welcome to Kaleido!

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A different Perspective


Picasso said that every child is an artist. Children see and experience the world for the first time, so creating new things comes naturally to them. They use their intuition and spontaneity and are not bothered by an inner critic or assumptions. Their minds have not yet been taken over by the rational, analytical, linear thinking that prevails in our world.

Artists are also masters of seeing the world with different eyes time and time again and thus reinventing themselves. With the help of some great artists such as Picasso and Gaudí, Kaleido will show you how you can do the same.

Working with colours and brushes, you will learn techniques to look differently yourself: Outside the box, beyond what you thought, who knows what beautiful things you will encounter?

Who is it for?

Art is for everyone. It's in everyone. Sometimes hidden, sometimes on the surface.
The workshops are given to people who want to enrich and broaden themselves, people who want to find new perspectives.

Are you someone who wants to look differently, not just at the world around you, but also at yourself?

You will be challenged to step outside your existing thinking patterns, to find the creativity in yourself, to use it, and to take it with you to your own life. You don´t need to have any painting experience to participate.

Teambuilding, Painting Event

Using our method, you will see your team from a different perspective than the limited one you see in the office.

In a solution-focused environment each employee will discover new qualities and goals as a team player.

No criticism, just possibilities. And inspiration to change.

Gaudi Walk and Workshop
2 hrs, for groups < 9 persons

A walking workshop around the Sagrada Familia and Hospital Sant Pau: ´Barcelona Through the Looking Glass.´

Paint Like Picasso Workshop
3 hrs, individual or groups < 9 persons

A painting workshop where you will find your inner artist and paint like Picasso.

Picasso Day
from 10-19h, individual or groups 2-4 persons

An entire day, dedicated to you, to Picasso, and how to innovate. It’s all about how to change by looking from a different perspective.

You will stroll through Barcelona, visit the Picasso Museum, and enjoy some local food before the painting workshop “How to Paint Like Picasso”.


Karlijn Surminski

I´m a visual artist and art teacher and have been living in Barcelona since 2007. I have been working on a series of colourful paintings about Barcelona. This way I discover the most wonderful places in the city.

After becoming a mother of two I started an artclass for children and my company Kaleido. Actually these two things aren´t very different. The ability to create is something natural for children, but everyone has an artist hidden somewhere. What I really love to do is to show people how to find that artist, so you can discover that there are more ways to look at the world and yourself.

What People Experienced


You can be sure that you will have a lot of fun and learn also a lot about Picasso’s life, paintings and about yourself. You’ll see it will be 100% worth it.

Marlien, Austria

I changed perception of drawing with her. I really recommend you even if you never have painted before!”

Ji Hae, S-Corea

I have minimal painting experience, and Karlijn was a wonderful teacher and empowers you to create.

Ryan, USA

Amazing workshop and a great way to explore Picasso's artwork. Karlijn is friendly and very skilled, she gave a lot of her self during the workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop for curious minds.

Ashild, Norway

Pleasantly surprised with this experience. Very knowledgeable about Picasso and other impressionists. I would recommend.

David, USA


Feel free to ask

Karlijn Surminski

C/Mallorca 369, EN 2a

(next to the Sagrada Familia)

08013, Barcelona